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Flip Flops

Explore the endless selections of BRD's flip-flops


Infinite looks with more than 200 interchangeable straps


Expressive style with more than 150 switchable jewel snaps

Bridal Collection

From your wedding to your anniversary, enjoy the comfort of BRD's flip-flops

Infinite Looks, Expressive Style

Three Girls

Four years ago we set out to create flip flops that can be fun, colorful & especially blingy, no matter the outfit. We wanted our patented flip-flops to have the stamina for any style. To get that with one pair of flip-flops we decided to make not only the straps interchangeable and also the jewel snaps so you didn’t have to settle for blingy or colorful or just black. We have created everything you need to coordinate all outfit colors imaginable for the ultimate opportunity for self-expression. We stand behind our products, and our company is determined to make each customer a BRDiva!

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