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Flip Flops

Explore the endless selections of BRD's flip-flops


Infinite looks with more than 200 interchangeable straps


Expressive style with more than 150 switchable jewel snaps

Bridal Collection

From your wedding to your anniversary, enjoy the comfort of BRD's flip-flops

Designs for Luxurious Living

Welcome to Brandi Renee Designs and BRD’s! DFW Interior Designers These two powerhouse brands were created from the mind of award winning designer and entrepreneur, Brandi Renee Day, who has more than 30 years’ experience designing and creating interior spaces and home décor. As an artist who has created many handpainted oil and watercolor paintings, she’s always had an artist’s eye in her approach to design projects.   Every project is different and she found many times that what she saw in her creative mind was not on the market.  She is a talented artist and a couture...